About Us

We belong to the denomination that is known as the United Reformed Churches in North America.

United – We believe the church possesses a spiritual unity in Christ and in the Holy Scriptures. Therefore, the churches of our federation unite with other like-minded churches. We display our unity by means of a common confession and church order, by cooperation with one another, and by exercising mutual concern for one another. We are also in unity with the larger body known as NAPARC (North American Presbyterian and Reformed Churches).

Reformed – We affirm the central truths of the Bible recovered in the Protestant Reformation. These biblical truths are summarized in the Heidelberg Catechism, Belgic Confession, and Canons of Dort. We affirm the sovereignty of God over every area of life. We recognize the need for the church to be constantly reforming herself in the light of God’s Word. And, we have a Reformed or Presbyterian system of church government in which Christ rules the church through the office of elder.

Churches – We assemble as the people of God for the purpose of worship, study, prayer, fellowship, and service. We are a community in the world, but not of it.

North America – As of this writing, in Canada we are found in six provinces and in the U.S.A we are found in twenty two states plus the District of Columbia.

We are governed by the Church Order of the United Reformed Churches in North America.