The Beautifully Small Church and Evangelism

Published November 11, 2018 by Rev. Pete Van't Hoff in Devotions

Being the size that we are, can leave us feeling a tad insignificant and a little bit concerned. Not only are we surrounded by secularism and unbelief, but other churches around us seem to flourish while our numbers remain the same or even decrease. Have you not thought about what tomorrow will bring?

We would do better to remind ourselves that God has seen us, is watching over us and has us in mind in regards to His glorious and redemptive plans. These plans include evangelism.

We, with what God has given us, are called to further the message of the gospel. We, with what God has given us, are called to further that message with the love that Christ has expressed for us upon the cross. And how does the small church do this? I offer these statistics:

Chruch Stats

A familiar face seen, when entering through the church door, can diffuse nervousness and break down mental/emotional walls, even, in our little church.

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