Voices For the Unborn

Published May 26, 2019 by Rev. Pete Van't Hoff in Devotions

Has your Facebook feed been plastered lately with Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice commentaries based upon recent laws instituted for and against both platforms? Mine sure has. It seems like the topic, once tabled from many a political platform, is being discussed once more and we ought to rejoice for this.
For those who cannot cry out, or cannot be heard, whose life is as much an image of God, inside the womb as outside, we must continue to educate ourselves about life created and present at conception. We must support these lives, so intertwined with their mother’s, and we must encourage the support of both mom and dad. As two have come together to create life, so, they together, must sustain it. In other words, men, step up!

It would do the lives of the unborn much good to support the “arms” of the Pro-Life movement. We have a political Arm (ARPA). We have an educational arm (CCBR). We have a supportive arm (various Pregnancy Counselling Centers and Support Services). An internet search will give you all you need to know about these. But more than these, we have the outstretched arm of God leading the way. On Him we must count the most.

Feeling like you aren’t doing enough? Begin with prayer. The rest will fall in order. Compelled to do more? Fall upon the arms of the Pro-life movement and give of yourself there. God uses these things too.

Lastly, raise your children well, and this means, in the fear of the LORD. Godly wisdom is the most important defense for the unborn. It is by the chorus of many faithful voices that hearts and minds can be changed.


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