Psalm 119 – Meditations of the Excellencies of the Word of God

Published March 28, 2024 by Rev. Pete Van't Hoff in Devotions

Psalm 119 is the longest psalm in the Bible (176 verses). It is broken up into 22 sections—each section titled with a letter from the Hebrew alphabet. Today we shall consider only the first and the last verse of this psalm that proclaims the excellencies of the Word of God, that is, the Law of God.

1 Blessed are the undefiled in the way,
Who walk in the law of the Lord!

If we want to know God, and His love, in fact, we need to know His law. It is foundational. It is unchangeable. It is a standard that stands outside of our own thinking and yet directs us all.

176 I have gone astray like a lost sheep;
Seek Your servant,
For I do not forget Your commandments.

And yet, even though God’s law should be everything to us (convicting us of our sins, restraining the evil in this world, a thankful response for salvation in Jesus) we are still prone to wander. Let us pray over such things.

Dear Lord and heavenly Father,

Blessed be Your holy name. You have given me Your law and so I know how to live. Help me to listen. The Christ listened. And He went on to die that my ignorance would be taken away and replaced with His righteousness. From that death He arose. In His name, this is my future. In His strength, I love Your law. Complete in me, the workings of Christ by the Holy Spirit. In Jesus name, Amen.

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